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 Board of Officers
Note: all emails sent to are automatically forwarded to all of our club officers listed below.

  Bruce Dixon       
  PDGA #81797
  Bill Fuller       
  PDGA #21805
  Michael Grubaugh       
  PDGA #71620
  Will Hasseld       
  PDGA #81614
  Patrick Hood       
  PDGA #49712
  Jason McCary       
  PDGA #58854
  Jonathan Winslow       
  PDGA #71790


Secretary & Treasurer:  Pat Hood
Club Membership & Item Sales:  Will Hasseld
League Committee:  Jason McCary (League Director), Pat Hood, Will Hasseld, Matt Wixson
Challenge Tags:  Michael Grubaugh
Course Maintenance Team:  James "Toby" Bunting (231-459-6103), Pat Hood, Jonathan Winslow, Matt Wixson
Stocking Avalanche Maps & Scorecards:  Will Hasseld
Community Director:  Michael Grubaugh
BC Maintenance Dept / Parks & Rec Commission Liaison:  Pat Hood
East Jordan Course Liaison:  Bill Fuller

Feel free to contact any of the club officers with questions. If there are trees down on the course or any other concerns, please contact anyone on the course maintenance team and we'll get it taken care of. Also please let us know if you would like to get more involved or have any updates for this list.
 Club Meetings
We have 6 regular club meetings each year which are typically held on the first Tuesday of every other month (the even months) at 6:00pm at Avalanche Preserve. Guests are welcome and we encourage all club members to attend. Club officer participation is expected. Special meetings in addition to these can be called as needed. Here is our regular club meeting schedule for the next few years. Please mark the dates on your calendars and come join us. Our past meeting minutes and agendas are also available a little farther down below.

2016:  2/2, 4/5, 6/7, 8/2, 10/4, 12/6
2017:  2/7, 4/4, 6/6, 8/1, 10/3, 12/5
2018:  2/6, 4/3, 6/5, 8/7, 10/2, 12/4
 Meeting Agendas & Minutes
 Join Our Club
We are always looking for new members to join and get involved. Annual dues are just a $5 donation to the club. With just a few exceptions (such as our club post office box fee and website hosting) all membership dues go toward course improvements and maintenance, and each member has a say on where the majority will be spent. We also typically have club swag available such as bag tags, stickers, pencils, wristbands, and mini discs. Just drop by one of our league nights or talk to any of our club officers.

Even if you're not interested joining in the club, volunteering just a little extra time out on any course is probably the best donation you can make. Help pick up trash and leave the course cleaner than you found it. Report anything unsafe that you come across and help us spread the word that we want to keep making things better. Let's all take care of our beautiful parks and recreation areas, especially Avalanche.
 2015 Club Members (117)
  • Sarah Archer
  • Shala Archer
  • Greg Argyle
  • Jason Barnum
  • Carrie Beemon
  • Matthew Bloom
  • Mark Boring
  • Mike Briggs
  • Hunter Brisson
  • Gary Bruce
  • James Bunting
  • Jody Bunting
  • Josh Burns
  • Anthony Carpenter
  • Miles Chisholm
  • Aaron Clark
  • Chad Cole
  • Leah Cole
  • Dave D'Amour
  • Bruce Dixon
  • Kevin Donovan
  • Justin Ducker
  • Corey Eaton
  • Logan Erber
  • Matt Erwin
  • Ric Evans
  • Jeff Fish
  • Craig Fricke
  • Amanda Fritsch
  • Bill Fuller
  • Dave Fuller
  • Amy Gee
  • Cory Glomski
  • Bryan Gollnitz
  • Jennifer Goodwin
  • Dave Gross
  • Scott Gross
  • Michael Grubaugh
  • Marc Hamlin
  • Adam Harwell
  • Will Hasseld
  • Josh Henry
  • Aimee Hewitt
  • Adam Hillsamer
  • Aaron Himmelspach
  • Pat Hood
  • Joe Houser
  • Adam Hubble
  • Roman Idolski
  • Josh Jackson
  • Sam Kantola
  • Ryan Kasper
  • Adam Katz
  • Tiffany Kelley
  • Martin Kirk
  • Kyle Klingelsmith
  • Eric Klooster
  • Rick Kole
  • Ethan Knott
  • Brian Kuhs
  • Johnnie Leigh
  • Todd Lewis
  • Eric Lucyk
  • Erik Lundwall
  • Dave Maddox
  • Mike Madison
  • Raechel Massey
  • Zack Matelski
  • Caleb McCary
  • Jason McCary
  • Daryl Michael
  • Kyle Mihatsch
  • Michael Mitrovich
  • Lee Moerland
  • Justin Mosley
  • David Myers
  • Mitch O'Brien
  • A.J. Oman
  • Forrest Omland
  • Charlie Pennington
  • Lindsay Pluister
  • Tom Pluister
  • Matt Powers
  • Chance Randall
  • Adam Raphael
  • Nick Rockey
  • Marty Schultz
  • Stephanie Seeley
  • Adam Sessions
  • Devin Simon
  • Joshua Siwek
  • Roy Smithkey
  • Jack Sovonski
  • Jacob Stahl
  • Chris Stone
  • Aaron Sulak
  • Amanda Sulak
  • Beau Tillotson
  • Taggart Tillotson
  • Bill Towne
  • Andrew Trayer
  • Brian Turbin
  • Alissa Urman
  • Jenna Urman
  • Todd Urman
  • Erik Van Horn
  • Russ Van Horn
  • Bobby Vance
  • Caiden Watkins
  • Marianne Watkins
  • Craig Welch
  • Rochelle Wieber
  • Wesley Willoughby
  • Jacob Wilson
  • Rob Wiltjer
  • Jonathan Winslow
  • Matt Wixson

  • Bold = Honorary Lifetime Member
 2016 Club Members (24)
  • Collins Bolinger
  • Gary Bruce
  • James Bunting
  • Aaron Clark
  • Dave D'Amour
  • Cody Ferrier
  • Bill Fuller
  • Dave Fuller
  • Logan Fuller
  • Michael Grubaugh
  • Adam Harwell
  • Will Hasseld
  • Pat Hood
  • Josh Jackson
  • Johnnie Leigh
  • Gavin Maginity
  • Jason McCary
  • Forrest Omland
  • Tom Pluister
  • Richard Towns
  • Alissa Urman
  • Jenna Urman
  • Todd Urman
  • Matt Wixson

  • Bold = Honorary Lifetime Member
 Club Documents
 PDGA Affiliate Club Program
For any club members thinking of joining the PDGA or planning to renew their PDGA membership, you can use a special coupon code to get $5 off. Our special code in 2016 is 16BOYNE0R4AFF. There are additional discounts you can get at other places too. Click HERE to read more details about the affiliate club program on the PDGA website.

Please check back to see if we'll be doing another PDGA discount in 2017.
 Club Contact Info
Address:   PO Box 712, Boyne City, MI  49712-0712


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Club Co-Founders:  Jason McCary, Forrest Omland, and Rob Wiltjer. Thank you for visiting our website!